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  • Did you know that recruiters spend less than 6 seconds reading CV's on average

  • Did you know that employers spend less than 3 seconds 

  • Did you know that a poorly structured CV can extend unemployment by two months

  • One mistake on a CV eliminates 9/10 candidates from interview consideration

  • A Poor CV results in  30% reduction in income


  • We tailor CVs to achieve maximum income in minimum time
  • We speak the language of employers and craft your CV accordingly
  • Our scientific approach elevates your CV above the crowd and has employers calling you directly

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  • 1hour phone consultation to understand your career history, skills and future objectives in maximum detail
  • We rewrite your CV for you, giving you a finished document of maximum sophistication
  • Sit back and wait for immediate job offers

David Pattinson

David has 10 years experience in recruitment, career development, skills training, public speaking and youth employment advocacy. 


  • £35 we prepare your market leading CV
  • £35 we prepare you for interviews
  • £35 we seek employment on your behalf